Building Firefox on Linux first time build

My first attempt at building Firefox:

currently building it on a Linux distro known as Ubuntu, many linux users will recognize it as it can be considered mainstream.

first issue I encountered is that my update URLs in my Ubuntu system was out of date and was getting 404 errors for some of them so I disabled them from the "other software" tab in the Ubuntu software settings screen.

the update now works and it's currently installing Modern Mercurial via pip
running it as normal and configuring it with preferred settings.

watchman filesystem couldn't be found...
firefoxtree enabled
installing hg wip alias
selecting MozReview only (requests bugzilla email address, can't do at the moment)

cloning firefox now

build had issues do to me running things as root, don't do that
 [Error No 13] Permission denied

issues resolved and it took around 81min to build, not bad for an old laptop.

runs successfully =D

made some modifications and rebuilt it again, didn't take long this time

here's how it looks


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