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#Brave-laptop dev: Being brave with my first issue (WIP)

Brave Issue I decided to be brave with my first brave issue,
in the comments they stated that it's not a trivial fix.

The Issue pertains to pressing alt-"key" to open one of the alt menu options, it exists in Firefox like so.

I've tried various things to get this to work, like adding a new windowAction, but discovered that menubar.js has it's own event handler that is normally used to open the submenu for when enter is pressed or when down is pressed. this didn't work out.

main.js is what handles the alt press, so having this disconnect, I poked around to see if there was any way to tell the menubar to open the submenu from menu.js' event handler, I found that there's an option that's called e.stopPropagation(), to let main.js "pass" the key input along to any other handler.

I currently got the file menu to open after pressing it twice, have yet to figure out how to get it to work aft…

#Brave-laptop dev: building brave-laptop

Installation: following the instructions here
Installing and setting up brave has been fun, I've been using Powershell,  I've discovered that there's some undocumented requirements for setting up brave-laptop for windows. Try following the following instructions if you have a missing path.txt at npm start.

1. "npm install" in root directory of project (skip to step 2 if you've already done npm install)
--for example my directory is like "E:\cygwin64\home\Jay\brave-laptop\browser-laptop"

2. cd to .\node_modules\electron-prebuilt
--your directory should be "where ever you cloned it to\brave-laptop\browser-laptop\node_modules\electron-prebuilt"

3. "npm install" in current directory
 -- it should download an old version of brave-laptop (something like v 1.1.4)

4. "cd ../.."
 -- this should bring you back to the root directory of the project

5. "npm run clean"
 -- this should remove 2 directories (one of them being…

#Python-dev: adding pathlike functionality


I've been working with the import library, adding a pathlike object function for sys.path, after making some changes I needed to run "make regen-importlib" to update the importlib_external.h, to allow the changes to go through since I'm modifying a core lib.

after testing some I realized something was off, considering one of the tests was taking over 41 hours to complete, I started off by checking for conflicts to see if I was behind on some update they may have done to fix this down the line.... turns out my import library source code (not the .h) was out of date from the current version which caused a merge conflict in on the PR, which also caused appveyorto break, I fixed it easily by using Atom and clicking the "fix  conflict button, which created a dropdown menu of which one to keep, "use ours" vs "use theirs", then after selecting the appropriate one it auto…