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Working on my first open source bug/request

The bug I've been focusing on first is
it's not technically a bug as much as it is removing unused code from the old API that they used before,

I tried setting up the build environment on my Windows laptop but quickly came across issues with setting up the actual virtual environment for python. I switched to my Ubuntu laptop and everything went smoothly after, I could go back and setup the windows env now since I do understand what went wrong after successfully getting it to work on Ubuntu.

The person that posted that bug is suuuper nice and so far been really helpful with my questions for familiarizing myself with a new system.

issue is now I realized I forgot to make a branch before starting my work so I'm wondering how I'll resolve this issue if it is one.

 I tried pushing the new branch to the repo and discovered that I don't have permission to directly commit to it so I forked it and pushed to that and now I'm…

Requesting my first bug on Open source

The bug I'm looking at is one that isn't really a bug it's just to remove some old code and it's dependencies.

I've had to install python and I'm using the "WingIDE personal" for my IDE

I choose this bug cause I like working with python, but I've not worked with python in a long time and I've not used python 3. This bug would also help me get reintroduced to python's structure.

I estimate that it might take me quite a bit longer to figure out the actual structure then actually removing the dependencies and stuff. As this might be as simple as removing something and seeing if it runs.

The people have been helpful so far.

there's another bug that's more of a feature request for the same system

I posted a request there but either I removed my comment without realizing or it got removed.

Again this works with …