#Brave-laptop dev: building brave-laptop

Installation: following the instructions here

Installing and setting up brave has been fun, I've been using Powershell,  I've discovered that there's some undocumented requirements for setting up brave-laptop for windows. Try following the following instructions if you have a missing path.txt at npm start.

1. "npm install" in root directory of project (skip to step 2 if you've already done npm install)
--for example my directory is like "E:\cygwin64\home\Jay\brave-laptop\browser-laptop"

2. cd to .\node_modules\electron-prebuilt
--your directory should be "where ever you cloned it to\brave-laptop\browser-laptop\node_modules\electron-prebuilt"

3. "npm install" in current directory
 -- it should download an old version of brave-laptop (something like v 1.1.4)

4. "cd ../.."
 -- this should bring you back to the root directory of the project

5. "npm run clean"
 -- this should remove 2 directories (one of them being node_modules)

6. "npm install"
-- it should now go through the installation progress again.

after you've completed the following steps the build should work.


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