Looking for more bugs (fixing those bugs)

I've been looking around in generally the same area of GitHub (namely Mozilla/Network) to see if they have anymore issues that I can help with,

I've found one that seems to link to another GitHub project from Mozilla so it looks like a good place to continue my journey in open source


modifications seem to need to take place in the mofo-bootstrap repo in order to apply more seamlessly into all their sites so I've made opened an issue on that repo to see if I can get things rolling.


Someone replied and stated that the code was already in for the Network part and all that needed to be done was change a few links and strings, I do plan on changing the Class name to match so that will have to be changed at a later time, after I've changed the class name.

as for the bootstrap part they were using a package called pug to store their urls in a scss file which made them look very strange

like so

turns out they had another file that pug used to convert to that syntax so I don't have to convert it manually (as in parts of the scss is program generated)

my pull requests for "Network" and "mofo-bootstrap" respectively

BOTH PRs were Merged and closed =D


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