#Brave-laptop dev: interesting issue part 2

This is a continuation from my previous blog, I've done further investigation and discovered that the favicon was being invalidated (redownloaded) every frame.

and upon further investigation I found that the response header contained the following
I did some research and found that modifying this is no easy task and that this setting forces the Favicon to be redownloaded  every time it's updated. Which in this case was every frame since it was being redrawn along with the gradient affect that follows the mouse.

My attempts at figuring out how to modify the layer that the favicon is being drawn in is falling flat so far.

I got some feedback from some of the brave developers on how to proceed after I declared these findings, that the issue can be resolved by manually saving the image as a URI and adding it to the CSS, but I haven't been able figure out how to convert a image to an URI.


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