#Python-dev: Starting to contribute to (c)python

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  I recently started trying to contribute to python (aka python-dev), so far I've found the IRC is #python-dev, the way that I've been getting there is by using freenode, (you can also get there by searching freenode and clicking the "chat" button), I have noticed that the IRC channel can get you some help but, I've had mixed results I got a response for my first question but after that I didn't get a response (your millage may vary)

I also discovered that Cygwin (a bash terminal within windows) isn't fully supported by cpython

I also found this mailing list, that I've signed up for and I've already received some emails, so far I've emailed to python-dev@python.org, that apparently sends an email to ALL members, I don't know if this is a good way to reach them as I only sent this email yesterday and haven't gotten a response. 

I just posted a bug about what I'm experiencing since running the test command results with 2 failed tests 
2 tests failed:
    test_dtrace test_subprocess

I discovered that test_dtrace is from a missing dependency that appears to be deprecated (and is currently part of something called crypt, but I'm unable to find how to install it, or if I need to), so I'm uncertain on how to proceed

running the commands

make test TESTOPTS="-v test_subprocess"and
make test TESTOPTS="-v test_dtrace"

 I'm getting a lot of

"Not a directory" errors

I'm currently trying to figure out how to fix this, or if this is expected.

NotADirectoryError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: 'nonexisting_i_hope' <= strange error

execve() fails with ENOTDIR if $PATH contains a path to file
 touch ~/file
vstinner@apu$ PATH=$PATH:/home/vstinner/file strace -f -o trace -- ./python -m test test_subprocess -m test_invalid_args -v
 NotADirectoryError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: 'nonexisting_i_hope'

Turns out I found a new bug... this bug occurs if the $PATH (system path) in linux (Ubuntu 16.04) contains a path to a file. the issue has been fixed (here) the original issue I posted and more info can be found here

In the end I found people talking in the IRC channel and ":" messaged one of them (eg/ name:) and setting up a bug report and they redirected me to someone who could help and the issue was solved!


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