#Python-dev: First contribution to (c)python

First PR (pull request)


I discovered that to be able to contribute you need to have a few things

1.A Github account (this is a must for anyone wanting to contribute to any open-source project)

2.A python issue tracker account (on this site https://bugs.python.org/)
 -you need to then have your Github account username in the "your details" section of your account (if you set your Github username during reregistration then it should already be set)

3. Sign a this CLA that's also on their site entering the same Github and python issue tracker account for the info. note that the CLA takes 1 American work day (so 24 hrs within Monday-Friday)

4. when you make the pull request it has to be bpo-(issue number): description
  -note there are special rules for back fixing (it will show up in the description of the PR when you make it)

5. if it hasn't been previously done you have to make whats called a news file under the misc/NEWS.d/next folder, the sub folder depends on what the change falls under, the formatting as is as follows

  • <datetime> is today’s date joined with a - to the current time, in YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss format, e.g. 2017-05-27-16-46-23
  • <issue-number> is the issue number the change is for, e.g. 12345 for bpo-12345
  • <nonce> is some “unique” string to guarantee the file name is unique across branches, e.g. Yl4gI2 (typically six characters, but it can be any length of letters and numbers, and its uniqueness can be satisfied by typing random characters on your keyboard)
So a file name may be Misc/NEWS.d/next/Library/2017-05-27-16-46-23.bpo-12345.Yl4gI2.rst.

My Pull Request: 

My first pull request is: https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/5329

The "patch" made in this pull request was made by someone else, I just downloaded the patch and installed it by calling "git apply [filename]" and tested it by running the new test file included in the patch, confirming it passes and then removing the patched file and confirming the *new* test fails (aka git checkout [patched file] then run the test)

I'm currently still waiting on my CLA to be confirmed so it can take a while, if it takes longer than 3 days it could be good to poke someone on the IRC and see if anyone can poke the people responsible for the CLA confirmation.

Turns out the CLA confirmation on the PR wasn't updating for some reason, if you're sure you've done the signing correctly, then poke the IRC for someone to "cycle" the tag for you, if it's still not done, then they should be able to help you on the IRC.


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